“Positive attitudes and reinforcement from support system and/or family members can inspire someone in inpatient treatment to further commit to recovery. It can also help them adapt to new challenges or limitations as they reintegrate with the wider world.”

This online-only educational hub is a series of self-directed videos for support systems and/or families with loved ones in inpatient treatment for depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and/or addiction.

The negative effects of mental health challenges can cause a strain on relationships. Every support system and/or family member deserves support and access to tools and methods to navigate their unique experiences. The whole support system and/or family has been impacted by these challenges and the entire support system and/or family will need care during recovery.

Supporting someone you care about in treatment and through recovery can be a difficult journey for a support system and/or family members. With over an hour of educational content to explore,the Ravensview Family Support Video Hub is a starting point for learning about:• the challenges your loved one is experiencing in treatment• the complexities of addiction and different mental health diagnoses• talking to children about treatment• your role in your loved one’s post-treatment journey• how to support them as they transition from an inpatient treatment program back to daily life• setting healthy boundaries• understanding the stages of change

Healing and recovery does not end after the completion of the inpatient treatment program. We hope these videos can begin a dialogue and bring awareness that parents, spouses, grandparents, siblings, friends, and children can all play a powerful role in supporting someone who is in treatment or on their life-long recovery journey. As a support system and/or family member of an individual living with depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, or addiction, we recognize that you also need support for yourself. The information in many of these videos can help you in your own healing journey too.




Trauma and PTSD


Stages of Change