If you or someone you care about are suffering, Homewood Ravensview offers expert, world-class treatment to help you. For almost 140 years, Homewood has been a leader in care for clients with anxiety disorders. We’re here when you are ready.

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Anxiety treatment at Ravensview

Homewood Ravensview provides effective treatment for anxiety disorders, utilizing a set of therapeutic approaches that get to the heart of recovery, delivered in a serene setting. Treatment draws on evidence-based therapies including cognitive behavioural therapies, expressive therapies, and mindfulness practices.

Treatment helps clients understand how to make informed decisions, overcome negative thinking, improve problem solving, build coping skills, and return to daily life.

What is Anxiety?

A state of mental discomfort, often accompanied by distressing thoughts and worries, and physical feelings of tension and discomfort. Anxiety takes many forms and can focus on a wide variety of issues. The main element is that it is uncomfortable and evokes a sense of threat or risk to one's safety or level of comfort. These feelings can apply to personal safety, security of intimate relationships and desired future outcomes. Some degree of anxiety is a normal part of being human. In its more extreme forms, anxiety can develop into an anxiety disorder, a relatively common form of mental illness where anxiety is especially strong and/or persistent. In these cases, treatment by pharmacological interventions or with psychotherapy is recommended. Anxiety is also connected to other diagnoses such as depression and addiction.

Specialized Programs

Homewood Ravensview offers specialized anxiety programming for adults, first responders and military, and young adults. Additional support is available for the families of those affected by anxiety. Each program has been developed by expert clinicians, to address the specific challenges and obstacles individuals may face on their journey to recovery.

Within the Cornerstone Program for adults, anxiety is a very common issue. Many clients at Ravensview seek treatment for different forms of anxiety and we use the best available evidence-based assessments to produce a profile of each individual’s anxiety. Anxiety treatment is provided and tailored for each client.

Like other treatment participants, many first responders and military personnel come to treatment with anxiety. What’s unique about first responders and military veterans is that their anxiety is often, understandably, linked to stressful occupational experiences. In the Guardians Program, treatment of anxiety uses evidence-based practices like cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy, targeting the anxiety patterns that may have emerged from experiences in both their professional and personal lives.

Young adults often experience anxiety, which comes from their life experiences and developmental stage. Starting to plan and prepare for the future as a young adult can be a daunting task. Within the My Path Program for young adults, we help target and resolve the client’s anxiety, with the understanding that some of these anxieties come from the past, and some of these anxieties are about the future, and important life decisions the client is facing.

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