Homewood Ravensview offers medically-based, world-class services to help, if you or someone you care about is struggling. For almost 140 years, Homewood has been a leader in care for clients with depression. We’re here when you are ready.

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Depression treatment at Ravensview

Homewood Ravensview provides private, effective, adaptable care for individuals suffering from depressive symptoms. Treatment includes specialty programs tailored to individual clients and their needs, with all interventions provided in a beautiful, serene setting.

Depression programs include evidence-based treatment provided by an interdisciplinary team that may include a psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellors and nursing professionals.The program is able to help you or your family member understand how to make informed decisions, overcome negative thinking, and improve problem solving. In addition, coping skills are built to support the individual in returning to daily life with a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

What is Depression?

The word ‘depression’ is used in multiple ways by lay people and by mental health professionals. In all its definitions, depression is described as a state of low mood, and pessimistic or hopeless thinking, in addition to a loss of pleasure and motivation in activities that a person usually enjoys. For many people, depressive thoughts are often very negative and turn inwards. For instance, a person might have thoughts and feelings of being ‘broken’, ‘faulty’, or ‘worthless’. When the depression reaches a severe threshold, the thoughts, feelings and behaviours can be linked to symptoms of a mood disorder. If someone experiences strong depressive symptoms for two weeks or more, they may be experiencing a depressive episode.
If an individual has a persistent combination of mental symptoms (i.e. depressed thoughts and feelings) and physical symptoms (loss of energy, difficulty thinking, concentrating and sleeping), they may be diagnosed with a depressive disorder. For those experiencing persistent, troublesome depressive symptoms, mental health treatment can be highly effective. Many studies have shown that depression can be helped by psychotherapy, medication or both.

Specialized Programs

Homewood Ravensview offers specialized depression programming for adults, first responders and military, young adults, and provides additional support for the families of those affected by depression. Each program has been meticulously developed with each audience in mind, including the specific challenges and obstacles they may face during the healing process.

Depression is one of the most common mental difficulties and many clients in the Cornerstone Program for adults come to treatment with feelings of depression. Like the other important mental health difficulties, we complete a focused assessment of depression symptoms at the beginning of treatment and individualize depression treatment for each client. Within the program, treatment of depression uses cognitive therapy, which helps to change the way clients think and feel—skills that they can use in their day-to-day life.

Depression is one of the most common psychological challenges. Many clients in our programs come to Ravensview with depression. Depressed clients in the Guardians Program for first responders and military are assessed for depression symptoms, and treated. Some of this treatment is within a specific first responders group and some of it includes people from other walks of life. In resolving depression, it’s often helpful to hear from a wide-range of people in order to learn about how they’ve managed to cope with their own feelings of depression.

For young adults, treatment of depression is especially important because these clients are at a key developmental stage. It is important that depression symptoms be treated early so that the individual can experience positive feelings and self-esteem throughout their adult life. For this reason, the My Path Program for young adults uses a developmental psychology approach to treating depression, which puts the individual’s depression symptoms in context and teaches them how to process their thoughts and feelings, in order to guard against depression in the future.

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