If you or someone you care about is living with a mental health or addiction challenge, Homewood Ravensview offers expert, medically-based, world-class services to help you. For 140 years, Homewood has been a leader in care for clients with concurrent disorders. Our treatment team is here to help, if you, or a family member is living with mental health and substance abuse issues that are happening at the same time.

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Treating Concurrent Disorders at Ravensview

Homewood Ravensview provides private and highly effective treatment for the unique needs of individuals living with concurrent disorders. Treatment includes specialty programs, carefully designed by medical experts, all provided in a beautiful, serene setting.

At Ravensview we also treat concurrent disorders, which is when someone struggles with depression, anxiety or trauma alongside an addiction.  Treatment for concurrent disorders is most successful when both problems are addressed simultaneously.

Additionally, we welcome individuals with stabilized secondary concurrent issues* like disordered eating**, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and chronic pain disorders.

Concurrent treatment planning requires a comprehensive assessment—a key element of our treatment program at Ravensview. Through rigorous assessment, treatment is individualized to address the concurrent issues that each individual brings to treatment, in the correct order of priority. An expert, interdisciplinary team at Ravensview addresses each case based on the specific needs of the individual.

*Stabilized secondary concurrent issues: You may have one of these diagnosis that has been previously treated and is not the primary reason that you are seeking treatment now.
**Ravensview can support individuals presenting with disordered eating, which can involve unhealthy eating patterns like compulsive eating or skipping meals, but does not meet the criteria for an Eating Disorder. If you struggle with or have a diagnosis of an Eating Disorder, such as Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa, which require an intensive, structured, and supervised approach to care please click here to learn more about the Eating Disorders Program at the Homewood Health Centre.

What are Concurrent Disorders?

There a number of terms for concurrent disorders including ‘dual diagnosis,’ ‘comorbid disorders’ and ‘co-occurring conditions.’ Under any name, concurrent disorders are much more common than most people think. Anyone living with significant symptoms of more than one mental illness may be living with a concurrent disorder.

A reliable diagnosis of concurrent disorders can be challenging because the symptoms of one disorder can mask the symptoms of another. For example, the co-occurring presence of addiction may obscure the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. This is one of the reasons that an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of mental illness is so vital – it can often be the first step to identifying and treating a concurrent disorder.

There are many possible combinations of concurrent disorders, and a thorough psychological assessment is necessary to get a clear picture of the person’s mental functioning and multiple symptoms. For clients with concurrent disorders, it is important to receive mental health treatment from a provider or team that specializes in the treatment of concurrent mental illness.

Specialized Programs

Homewood Ravensview offers individualized concurrent disorder programs for adults, first responders and military, young adults, and provides additional support for the families of those affected. Each program has been meticulously developed with each audience in mind, including the specific challenges and obstacles they may face on their road to recovery.

Concurrent disorders happen fairly often; for example, many people with alcohol abuse also experience depression. Clients in the Cornerstone Program for adults are assessed for ‘concurrency’ and offered the best possible treatment for their unique presentation. This may involve multiple different types of complementary treatment simultaneously, to address different issues.

One of Ravensview’s areas of excellence, for all programming including the Guardians Program, is the treatment of concurrent disorders. Because we also specialize in treating first responders and military, we are able to assess and treat concurrent disorders using the strongest evidence-based interventions on the concurrent disorders these individuals experience.

Concurrent disorders are a relatively common occurrence for young adults seeking treatment.  Because they are at a unique stage of life, filled with new developments and personal changes, they are vulnerable to developing multiple types of symptoms.  In the My Path Program for young adults, we use the best available research on life stage development and clinical practice, to assess ‘concurrency’ and provide treatment that targets all aspects of the individual’s mental health.

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