If you or someone you care about are suffering, Homewood Ravensview offers expert, world-class services to set you on a path toward recovery. For more than 140 years, Homewood has been a leader in care for clients with addictive disorders. We’re here to help you.

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Addiction treatment at Ravensview

Homewood Ravensview provides private, effective, adaptable addiction care for individuals who want to reduce their dependency on chemical substances or change other addictive behaviour that is disrupting their lives. Treatment includes specialty programs tailored to particular clients and their needs, all provided in a beautiful, serene setting.

Addiction treatment is overseen by psychiatrists and addiction physicians, as well as an interdisciplinary team of psychologists, counsellors and nursing professionals. Programs draw from the over 140-year track record of clinical excellence held by the Homewood Health Centre. Since Homewood opened its doors in 1883, recovery from addiction has been the core of the mission. The programs offered to individuals struggling with addiction and their family members are part of a fully integrated system of care, offering highly flexible programming.

What is Addiction?

Traditionally, addiction has been viewed as a form of physical and psychological dependence on a drug like alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, narcotics or illicit drugs such as cocaine or heroin. This traditional substance-use definition is still correct; however, mental health professionals now include behavioural addictions such as addictions to gambling, sex, shopping or even the internet in the modern definition of addiction.

The most common signs of addiction are:

  • That the behaviour is rewarding in some way – it provides pleasure, satisfaction or a ‘high’
  • The individual feels a strong physical and/or psychological urge to take the substance or engage in the behaviour
  • The behaviour creates social, psychological, physical and/or logistical problems
  • The person has trouble controlling their behaviour, even though the behaviour creates negative consequences

Another feature of addiction is that the person often develops a tolerance for the substance or behaviour of choice and, therefore, needs more and more to elicit a feeling of pleasure.  For both substance addiction and behavioural addiction, a person often experiences withdrawal when they try to quit.  Homewood Health has more than 140 years of experience helping people overcome addiction.

Specialized Programs

Homewood Ravensview offers specialized addiction programming for adults, first responders and military, young adults and offers additional support for the families of those affected. Each program has been meticulously developed with each audience in mind, including the specific challenges and obstacles they may face on their journey to recovery.

Adults in the Cornerstone Program are assessed for possible addiction and substance use problems. Clients with addiction will receive expert medical detox  or withdrawal management using the latest evidence based approaches and in accordance with the highest standards of care. Following detox, clients will receive a comprehensive evaluation to determine the factors underlying their addiction, treatment goals and a plan to achieve these goals. Adults will leave the treatment program equipped with the skills and tools to maintain sobriety and achieve their hopes and aspirations.

As part of the Guardians Program first responders, military and/or veterans undergo a rigorous assessment of addiction, conducted by an addiction medicine specialist who has expertise addressing the needs of first responders populations. Those with addictions or substance use disorders then participate in comprehensive treatment that targets the addiction, and other mental health issues that may contribute to the addiction. Addiction treatment applies the strongest evidence based practices to the unique individual experiences of each client. Addiction treatment is multi-dimensional and is best delivered by an interdisciplinary team of experts including addiction medicine physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, occupational therapists and others.

Young adults can come for treatment at Ravensview with substance abuse problems and addiction. As part of the My Path Program, all young adults receive a specialized assessment that evaluates substance abuse and behavioural addictions like gaming addiction and internet addiction. The Ravensview team then works with the young adult and their family to develop an individualized treatment to address each person’s unique needs. We have expertise in treating behavioural addiction and substance addiction, including alcohol, cannabis, hallucinogens, stimulants, opiates and prescription drugs.

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