At Ravensview, we are committed to evidence-based research and ensuring we deliver exemplary care. Through our partnerships with the Homewood Research Institute, major universities and collaboration with the Homewood Health Centre, we are pioneering new learning to enhance treatment and improve outcomes.

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The Homewood Research Institute

A not-for profit organization—the Homewood Research Institute (HRI) strives to improve the outcomes of mental health and addiction treatments by partnering in research aimed at enhancing practice. HRI facilitates the development of networks that enable top researchers to collaborate with patients, clients, worksites, clinicians, and donors in work that advances both science and practice.
HRI is particularly focused on improving outcomes and practice in the areas of addictions, concurrent treatment, post-traumatic stress and return to work. Homewood Health and Homewood Ravensview staff who work with our patients and clients are involved in planning and conducting studies to ensure they are relevant to improving practice and outcomes.

Quality and Outcomes

Outcome studies at Homewood are used at all levels of decision-making. Clinicians, including nurses, therapists, social workers, psychiatrists. psychologists and other physicians, use these studies to evaluate point-of-care services. Managers and senior leaders use outcome studies for program planning to ensure that patient needs are being met. Outcomes are also shared with community partners to build a collaborative approach to integrated care and increase awareness of the treatments provided.

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