On your first day at Ravensview you will be welcomed into the facility by our on site intake representative.  After you get your ID badge and orientation information you’ll be meeting with the medical clinic team, your most responsible physician (MRP), and members of the 24/7 nursing team.  A prime therapist from our clinical team and a most responsible physician from our medical team will be your dedicated treatment team for the duration of your stay.


It is important to note that you will not have access to your cell phone and electronic devices for the first seven days of your stay; during this time you’ll have access to our public phone to make your personal call. After your first week, you will have daily access to your cell phone and electronic devices.


A typical day at Ravensview will be comprised of structured groups and individual sessions that are tailored to the program you are attending.  Your schedule will vary Monday-Sunday with a combination of core groups, expressive therapies, recreational therapies and leisure opportunities.  Core groups at Ravensview include: psychoeducation, open process groups, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), and Cognitive Processing Therapy for trauma (CPT).  Expressive therapies include: art therapy, music therapy, and horticultural therapy. Recreation and leisure includes: recreational therapy, access to a professionally equipped gym & yoga studio, extensive walking and hiking trails, and a pickleball court.


Our First Nation’s cultural liaison is involved with individual clients when requested. They are available to meet with clients individually to discuss ideas and lessons as they pertain to the First Nations culture of the Coast Salish people, and they run a cultural group once weekly with topics including, but not limited to, local traditions, beading and drum-making. Homewood Ravensview is committed to respecting and sharing the story of these lands and working with Saanich First Nations to promote the important cultural heritage of its location and to providing culturally competent care.


Our dietitian and chef meet regularly to create delicious and healthy menus with the nutritional and dietary needs of our clients in mind. Our grab-and-go cooler offers snacks throughout the day, and beverages available includes coffee, teas, juices, and sparkling water on tap.


Ravensview’s location provides convenient access, spectacular ocean views and a serene, private environment.  Throughout Ravensview you will find thoughtfully crafted areas for journaling, personal reflection, or small group chats. Enjoy comfortable sofas to sink into, window seating to enjoy the warmth of the sun, and a number of quiet outdoor spaces on the property to take in the forested grounds.

  • A quiet reflection lounge overlooking Patricia Bay and Swartz Bay, outfitted with comfortable lounging furniture. Our reflection lounge offers a space for quiet contemplation and enjoyment of quiet activities such as puzzles, reading a book from our library or bird and plane watching.
  • An energizing entertainment lounge for conversations, games, and a communal television. This space also has a keyboard, and a guitar. Spacious balconies allow easy access to the outdoors.
  • A professionally outfitted gym with a variety of cardio and weight equipment as well as a stretching and yoga nook
  • A forest lined pickleball court with evening lighting
  • Opportunities to connect with nature and ground oneself through breathtaking and serene forested walking trails and quick access to mountain hikes in ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱ (also known as John Dean Provincial Park).
  • A spacious tree top dining area
  • A spiritual & meditation space
  • A spacious art therapy space for you to express yourself through arts and crafts