Homewood Health developed Ravensview in close partnership with local first nation communities. Homewood and the Pauquachin First Nation worked together along with support from other Saanich First Nations to allow Homewood to purchase the Ravensview site and provide the opportunity to return culturally-sacred lands to the Pauquachin First Nation as heritage for all Saanich Nations. Homewood is committed to respecting and sharing the story of these lands and working with Saanich First Nations to promote the important cultural heritage of its location and to providing culturally competent care.

'A place of refuge'

Homewood Ravensview is located atop a stunning mountain top surrounded by trees and a 180 degree view of mountains and the ocean. But there is more to this location than just its natural beauty and serenity. It is a location that is sacred to the Saanich people and has been linked to their stories and history for thousands of years; local elders have passed down the story of the Great Flood in the region and the ancestors who survived it.

During the flood, thought to have occurred over 10,000 years ago, the ancestors sought refuge at the top of the highest mountain. The ancestors tied their canoes to an arbutus tree atop the mountain to survive the flood. After many days, a raven arrived and brought a symbol of hope - a twig - to the stranded people, showing that the flood had ended. Before they left the mountain, the ancestors gathered around and gave thanks. They said from now on this mountain will be called LÁU,WELNEW (meaning ‘place of refuge’) and they will be named WSÁNEĆ or the emerging people.

Homewood Ravensview is located on this mountain. We respect and appreciate the mountain’s sacredness to the Saanich people and we are inspired by this story as we provide a place of refuge for people seeking help.


The Homewood Ravensview logo was designed by Chris Paul, a respected Tsartlip Nation artist. The illustration is inspired by the Homewood Ravensview setting and references key elements of the story of the Great Flood including rising water, the mountain, and the raven.

The Story of the Land

The name Homewood Ravensview draws on the history of the mountain as a place of refuge and we are committed to honouring this location and the community with our mission to help and bring hope to people in need.