Vice President & General Manager

Deanna Brady leads Homewood Ravensview as the facility’s Vice President and General Manager. She has over 25 years of experience at Homewood, where she began her career as a Registered Practical Nurse. Specializing in mental health, she has provided years of direct client care with emphasis on intake and case management.
As a former nurse, she brings her years of clinical knowledge and front-line care to the daily operations at Ravensview. Her leadership expertise includes Manager of Intake Services, Homewood Health Centre, and Director of Operations at The Residence in Guelph, Ontario.
As a dedicated lifelong learner, Deanna has shown a strong commitment to continuing education by completing her degree in health administration, multiple certifications and is currently completing her Masters of Health Management.


Medical Director

Dr. Wan completed his psychiatry residency in 2016 and is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Prior to joining Ravensview he worked in psychiatric emergency services as well as acute care inpatient settings. He also served as an assistant professor at Dalhousie University and was closely involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching settings. His areas of interest include: addiction psychiatry, personality disorders, and medical education. He enjoys providing team-based collaborative care in an interdisciplinary setting.


Director of Nursing

Christina Ford is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing. Prior to coming to Ravensview, she worked as the Clinical Nurse Lead, for Island Health, at a tertiary mental health facility focusing primarily on helping to support clients as they stabilize, with the goal of reintegrating them back into the community. In addition, she’s worked within the Psychiatric Emergency Department and Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, providing Trauma Informed Care to those who suffer from acute mental health conditions including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Outside of her day to day career, she is passionate about learning, and has embarked on the journey of completing a Master's program, starting in January of 2024.


Chief of Psychiatry

Dr. Ben McCutchen is Chief of Psychiatry for The Residence, Ravensview and Workplace Mental Health. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and completed both his undergraduate medical degree and postgraduate psychiatry training at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at McMaster University. Dr. McCutchen provides assessment and treatment services to adults experiencing a range of difficulties including mood and anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, trauma-related disorders, and psychosis. He provides a range a workplace mental health assessments and is licensed to practice in British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia.


Addiction Psychiatrist

Dr. Nerenberg is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and a clinical assistant professor in the University of British Columbia Department of Psychiatry. Originally from Argentina, she completed her psychiatry training in 1991 at the University of Michigan in the US, specializing in addiction psychiatry with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She has also been certified in addiction medicine by ASAM, ABAM and CSAM. Her main areas of expertise are cross cultural mental health, PTSD and concurrent disorders. She has years of experience with special populations, such as veterans, health care professionals, immigrants and persons of indigenous origin.


Addiction Physician

Dr. Johann Blignaut is a family physician with a certificate of added competence in addiction medicine from the College of Family Physicians of Canada. He worked as a rural family physician with a wide scope of practice in Southern Manitoba before moving to British Columbia in 2020. He believes in holistic and trauma-informed care.


Addiction Physician

Dr. Louise Good moved to Canada in 2013 from Ireland to complete her family medicine residency in Queens University, Kingston, ON. She has been working in the field of addictions and mental health since 2016 and completed the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) Certification Exam in 2018. Prior to joining the team at Ravensview, she ran an inpatient addiction medicine consult service and an outpatient opioid use disorder clinic in Ontario.



Dr. Amanda Pitcher was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. She attended the University of Western Ontario where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Next, she spent a year working in Montreal at the Douglas Hospital in a psychiatry research lab before entering medical school at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. She graduated in 2008 and then completed a residency program in psychiatry at the University of Toronto. Dr. Pitcher enjoys travel and has done locum work in New Zealand. She has been living and working in Victoria since 2014. Dr. Pitcher’s outside of work interests include music and the outdoors, often enjoyed with her husband and daughters.


Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Johnson graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Nursing in 1997, a Masters of Nursing in Advance Practice in 2005. In 2015, she completed a Doctor of Nursing Practice from the University of Minnesota. Her clinical experience includes emergency, urgent care, primary care, addictions, occupational health, First Nations health, rural and remote practice and nursing education.


Clinical Nurse Lead

Laura is a registered psychiatric nurse working as a charge nurse at Ravensview. Laura has 12 years of dedicated nursing experience. She began her career as a Licensed Practical Nurse working geriatric psychiatry. She completed additional education to become a registered psychiatric nurse before spending a year in assertive community treatment (ACT) with Island Health. Working with a trauma-informed lens and a holistic approach to nursing, Laura is dedicated and compassionate about supporting a holistic recovery for all clients at Ravensview.


Charge Nurse

Kelsey is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Kelsey has several years of experience working in Geriatric Mental Health and Community Care. As part of her ongoing professional development she has completed training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD. Kelsey enjoys being a part of a strong interdisciplinary team that is dedicated to providing the best trauma informed care to its clients.


Cultural Knowledge Keeper

Sandrea Sampson is a member of the Saanich first nation. Sandrea shares her experience not only from an academic level, but also sharing her personal experience and values through holistic ways of healing and storytelling. Implementing holistic awareness of the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects are facilitated through workshops with culture teachings.
Sandrea previous work with mental health and addictions services have been a great pleasure to help those find a way to maintain a holistic balance. Sandrea states that It is now a pleasure to become a team player with Homewood Ravensview as your Culture Elder to make a difference to those who are seeking support toward healing.


Prime Therapist - Team Lead

Craig Extine is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles. As a therapist who specializes in trauma, Craig is committed to evidence-based practices and has a strong theoretical background in depth psychology, attachment theory and cognitive behavioural therapy. He is a certified provider of Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD and has specialized training in DBT, childhood trauma, and PTSD treatment for military and first responders. Craig’s experience prior to Ravensview includes working in inpatient addiction treatment and providing therapy for anxiety and depression to adults and children. He appreciates collaborating as part of an interdisciplinary team, has experience providing clinical supervision and is passionate about ongoing research and learning.


Prime Therapist

Irvine G. Harvey (he/him/his) is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Certified Canadian Counsellor on Vancouver Island. He lives in Sidney, BC, with his family. He earned a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from Adler University (Vancouver, BC), a Certificate in Community Counselling from Vancouver Community College (Vancouver, BC), and a Degree in Physical Therapy from Angeles University (Philippines). He is an active member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) and the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).He provide counselling services for First Nations Health Authority, ICBC, Metis Nation BC, and Crime Victims Assistance Program. He is a Certified DBT Practitioner and will complete training as a Certified ADHD Professional.


Prime Therapist

Gill’s goal is to help clients emerge from their therapy journey feeling empowered with a better sense of their strengths, resources and the things that bring value and meaning to their lives.
As a certified clinical counsellor, Gill feels strongly about the importance of compassion, curiosity, and presence to help facilitate change. He has received specialized training in ACT, CBT, CPT, DBT and complex trauma treatment.
Prior to joining Ravensview, Gill has worked in the non-profit sector supporting male survivors of trauma and has run psychoeducational support groups for youth struggling with anxiety.
Originally from Kortrijk, Belgium; Gill feels privileged to hike, kayak and make meaningful connections on the many unceded territories of Vancouver Island.


Addictions Counsellor

Brad is a Registered Social Worker completing his Bachelor of Social Work at MacEwan University. Brad has training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, as well as other therapy modalities. Originally from New Brunswick, Brad has lived on Vancouver Island since 2020. Prior to working for Homewood, Brad worked in addiction treatment in Edmonton and spent 13 years in the Canadian Armed Forces. Brad also holds a diploma in Sport and Leisure Management.


Occupational Therapist

Tammy is a registered Occupational Therapist and graduated with a Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Toronto. Her clinical experience includes: spinal cord, stroke and geriatric rehabilitation; palliative care; community-based work in rural and urban settings with persons with serious and persistent mental illness; and inpatient treatment for substance use, post-traumatic stress, and concurrent disorders. She is continually inspired by the courage and resilience of the human spirit as she partners with individuals to support them through transitions from surviving, to coping, and to thriving in the activities and roles they most value. After nearly 8 years at Homewood Health Centre in Guelph, Ontario, Tammy brings with her to Ravensview a wealth of knowledge and tools proven to effectively help clients achieve their goals within the program.


Recreation Therapist

Ronnie has been in the field of recreational therapy for the past 17 years. He has worked with clients of all ages and abilities with a focus on physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Ronnie has a passion for physical activity and works hard to deliver programming that allows clients to create new, healthier habits and routines. These new habits will help foster lasting change and create a more balanced lifestyle critical to recovery after discharge.


Music Therapist

A musician since the age of five, Kirsten completed undergraduate training in music therapy at Wilfrid Laurier University, and graduate studies in music therapy at Concordia University in Montreal. Kirsten has over 24 years of clinical experience, including pediatric rehabilitation for children with physical and mental challenges, long term care for seniors with dementia, and with clients and families receiving palliative care. Her interests in research and writing have led her to contribute to the music therapy literature in Canadian and international journals. She has served on the boards of both the Canadian Association of Music Therapists and the Music Therapy Association of British Columbia. In her personal life, she enjoys performing chamber music.


Art Therapist

Stefanie Denz is an art therapist committed to supporting people in their healing through creative expression. She received her MFA on full scholarship from the University of Auckland in 1989. After many years of studio work, teaching drawing and painting, she studied for her BEd, (VIU, 2016) and then went on to get her Art Therapy Certification from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. As an Art Therapist, Stefanie works at women's shelters, community services and an art drop in for homeless people. Stefanie lives on Salt Spring Island where she maintains an active studio practice and connects with the arts community. She believes creativity is a source of healing on many levels and that all people are creative.


Horticultural Therapist

Cliff is a Registered Horticultural Therapist with the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association, Certified Career Development Practitioner, and Mental Health Educator. He is in the business of helping others discover their potential, and has a passion for connecting people with plants and nature for therapeutic benefits. Cliff is originally from Ottawa, Ontario. He recently moved from the Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island to join the Ravensview Expressive Therapies Team.


Registered Dietitian

Marianne is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for health promotion, social justice, and all things food. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Simon Fraser University, and a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health from the University of British Columbia. She has worked in a variety of practice areas as a dietitian, including pediatrics, long-term care, population health, and communications. Marianne is member of Dietitians of Canada, and sits on the organizing committee for their annual national conference. Using intuitive eating principles and a patient-centered approach, Marianne works with individuals to find nourishment and enjoyment in eating and improve their relationship with food.


Food Services Manager

With over 25 years experience in the culinary industry, Melissa (Mo) has a passion for providing excellent quality food. Having always wanted to move into the mental health and addictions field, she saw the opportunity at Ravensview as a way to be able to help others and highlight her passion for the care and comfort that food can provide.


Facilities Manager

Wightson has qualifications as an electrician and also has a law degree. He is responsible for the facility’s maintenance and safety. Coming from Africa, which has limited opportunities, Wightson has worked extremely hard and has not taken any opportunity to work for granted. Wightson grew up on a farm in a small town on the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia. His dad fixed everything by himself and taught his children how to keep the farm going on a low budget. Wightson likes to have fun and enjoys science fiction movies, reading history, auto biographies and mental self-improvement books.


Housekeeping Team Lead

Pam moved to the South Island in 2011 and started working in the private retirement sector. She quickly transitioned into the home support community. Pam’s passion is helping people access care in a clean, respectful environment. After a close family member battled addiction, her focus shifted to helping in the mental health and addiction community. We keep our standards high and the building exceptionally well kept. Pam likes to treat everyone as if they are family; a smile and a kind eye can go a long way to brighten someone’s day.