"I would like to express the deepest possible gratitude I can for the work and the difference Ravensview made in the life not just of my wife, but in our entire family! My own growth journey has changed forever too, and this was a direct result of her time there.

The physicians and therapists at Ravensview are beyond just top-notch. They are a wrap-around team all committed to figuring out what is at the ROOT of someone’s challenges, and creating a customized therapeutic program to bring about healthy change. It was this approach that we had been missing all these years, as quickly became evident. The ripple effects of (my wife's) time at RV will be felt not just for months and years, and I don’t exaggerate by saying - for generations to come. Please, if you are considering a stay at Ravensview for yourself or someone you love, take a deep look at all it has to offer. The price will seem very small compared to the lives that will be changed or even saved."
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"Best possible decision I could have made given the situation I was sitting in."

I loved everything.

"I have enjoyed my time at Ravensview like nothing else I’ve experienced."

I am leaving here the best & most positive since I cannot remember! A very large & grateful thank you to everyone at Ravensview!

"The team at Ravensview has saved my life."

Amazing program overall. The staff is amazing with equally powerful and easy to understand programming with an emphasis on understanding. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"Extremely well run facility that focuses on mental health, PTSD and addiction."

There needs to be more of these across Canada.

"I would highly recommend this healing facility to anyone in need."

As I learned, my abuse was not my fault and my depression was more than okay to have. I am doing well:) I see a good future for myself, I really think I can use my new skills to power over depression for the rest of my life.

"I loved all the staff here at Ravensview."

Thank you for the opportunity to be here and helping with my PTSD.

"I learned life saving skills. leaving here much better version of myself."

Great experience. Thank you everyone!!

"I have had a very positive experience here."

From all the staff, the setting and the meaningful approach to dealing with our demons.

"I found the staff at Ravensview to be excellent."

The staff care about the clients health and wellbeing and it shows.

"My experience here has given me tools to continue on in my life."

Very happy.

"Great staff. Very happy overall."

Felt safe and accepted. Felt encouraged by peers and employees. Food was great. All staff were friendly.

"Overall I had a great experience at Ravensview."

My support team were engaged with me through my stay as well as behind the scenes.

"I loved the people I met."

Walks in the forest, my therapist, yoga, meditation and DBT.

"Amazing staff at all levels."

The location amongst the healing forest is great.