"I would like to write this review from the perspective of the spouse of a Ravensview client.

My wife was there for 7 weeks this past spring/summer, suffering from depression and anxiety that had proven unshakable despite the involvement of numerous therapists and remedies over the last number of years – as well as possible borderline personality disorder. We had run out of ideas and patience with discovering why her depression and anxiety were so determined not to go anywhere, and feedback from social media suggesting her situation was a result of lifelong choices and “not trying hard enough” had sent her into a tailspin.

The physicians and therapists at Ravensview are beyond just top-notch. They are a wrap-around team all committed to figuring out what is at the ROOT of someone’s challenges, and creating a customized therapeutic program to bring about healthy change. It was this approach that we had been missing all these years, as quickly became evident. Within 2 days, they had the likely main causes behind my wife’s depression and anxiety figured out, and were well on their way to stabilizing her medication situation, which was a mess in the weeks prior to arrival at Ravensview. My wife’s two main clinicians took the time to get to know her personally, connect with her in an authentic and empathic way, and give her the confidence that she was in good and knowledgeable hands. They are 2 amazing people, and certainly representative in my opinion of the kindness and knowledge found with everybody I heard about at Ravensview.

Also worth noting is what was happening at RV (as we call it) in the hours when she was not face-to-face with her main clinicians. Let me put it like this: everything at Ravensview is purposeful! From amazing healthy and tasty food, to being surrounded with people just like her who understand the depths that depression can take people to, and enjoyable activities that helped create a real sense of community among staff and clients together. My wife felt like she belonged and had a family while she was there, which made such a massive difference in her treatment. Seemingly “random” elements like watching hockey games as a group, to Saturday Karaoke nights were not random at all, they were in place to help people feel at home and at ease, grow and heal, and realize they’re not only not alone, but surrounded by people who get it.

There was no substitute for my wife to being in an inpatient program, and away from home, even though it was hard for me – as her husband and our two 13-year old kids. She needed to focus on herself and her healing without distraction, and with no other easy place to channel her energies. She learned to take care of her peace once she found it, and developed practices that would never have seen the light of day otherwise.

In the end, I would like to express the deepest possible gratitude I can for the work and the difference Ravensview made in the life not just of my wife, but in our entire family! My own growth journey has changed forever too, and this was a direct result of her time there. The ripple effects of her time at RV will be felt not just for months and years, and I don’t exaggerate by saying – for generations to come. Please, if you are considering a stay at Ravensview for yourself or someone you love, take a deep look at all it has to offer. The price will seem very small compared to the lives that will be changed or even saved.”