Homewood Ravensview provides immediate, expert treatment for clients living with mental health, addiction and concurrent conditions. Delivering evidence-based, medically-led treatment, Homewood Ravensview is the first and only facility in Western Canada offering private inpatient mental health services.As a result of extraordinarily high demand, we are experiencing a brief waitlist for services at Ravensview. Please note we are currently adding additional capacity and will be able to resume offering rapid access to care very shortly. Please call us for more information.

The Ravensview Difference


  • The most experienced private mental health care team in Western Canada
  • 135 years of nationally-renowned treatment for mental health and addiction
  • Extensive experience treating mental health conditions such as trauma, anxiety and depression


  • Dedicated on-site team of psychiatrists and addiction medicine physicians
  • Integrated support from psychologists, therapists, addictions counsellors and 24/7 nursing care
  • Partnered with leading researchers from across Canada
  • National outpatient aftercare


  • Specialized programs for adults, first responders, military, veterans, professionals and young adults
  • Leading therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Processing Therapy as well as music therapy, horticultural therapy and art therapy


  • World-class facility on breathtaking 28-acre mountainside location
  • Spacious guestrooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Serene and private location with 180-degree views of mountains and ocean
  • Only minutes from Victoria, British Columbia

The Homewood Team

Homewood Health has a 135-year track record of outstanding treatment for mental health and addiction and Ravensview draws extensively on that foundation of deep expertise. Our onsite team of top professionals – psychiatrists, addiction medicine physicians, psychologists, specialized therapists and 24/7 nursing staff – also work closely with the Homewood Research Institute to incorporate the latest research and clinical innovations.

Meet the team

Our Programs

Our recovery philosophy encompasses mental, physical and spiritual health with community reintegration. Homewood Ravensview provides clients the time, space and support they need to recover while providing specialized support and diagnostic-based care. That care follows a treatment plan that includes psychiatric care, medical care, counselling and integrated therapies.

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A Setting That Inspires

Homewood Ravensview is located on 28 acres of private, forested hillside in an area the Saanich First Nations fittingly call ‘a place of refuge.’ Our clients experience a comfortable and safe environment, breathtaking views and amenities including spacious private and semi-private bedrooms, exclusive suites, gourmet food, on-site fitness facility, yoga room and walking trails.

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Access to the Best Treatment Today

Admission to Ravensview does not require a referral from your physician. If you or someone you care about needs our help, we can arrange admission as quickly as the next day.


A Part of Homewood Health

Homewood Ravensview is part of Homewood Health, Canada's largest and most experienced provider of private, medically-based services for mental health, addiction and concurrent disorders. Ravensview is built on the foundations of Homewood’s 135 years of experience and the expertise of its national network of top medical and clinical professionals including psychiatrists, addiction medicine physicians, psychologists, specialized therapists and nursing staff. Ravensview is also partnered with the Homewood Research Institute to incorporate research and clinical innovations that enhance treatment and improve outcomes. With services for individuals and organizations available across the country, Homewood Health is redefining mental health and addiction services to help Canadians live healthier, more productive and more fulfilling lives.