Re-Introducing Homewood Ravensview

We are pleased to announce the opening of  Homewood Ravensview on May 22, 2019. Ravensview will bring Western Canada its newest, private inpatient treatment facility for adults, including young adults (19+) who need immediate support for mental health and addictive behaviours (including substance use disorders and/or ‘behavioural addictions,’ like gambling addiction, gaming addiction, and sex addiction, etc.). In fact, it’s the first and only private inpatient mental health facility in Western Canada. The site on Vancouver Island, the specialized programming, and the unparalleled expertise of Ravensview’s caring staff creates an innovative therapy and healing experience for those seeking help.

Homewood Ravensview sits within the territory of the WSÁNEĆ people, atop a mountain known as ȽÁU,WELNEW or ‘place of refuge’. It’s wrapped in the beauty and serenity of the forest, with vistas that look out to the ocean. It’s a sacred place. Saanich elders tell the story of their ancestors, who sought refuge on top of the mountain, during a great flood. They tied their canoes to a tree at the mountaintop, to escape the flood. After being stranded for many days, they saw a raven that carried a twig. The people recognized this as a symbol of hope:  it showed that the flood had ended. Emerging from their sanctuary, the people gave thanks to the mountain for helping them survive and providing them with a new beginning. Ravensview honours this WSÁNEĆ history, and it forms the inspiration for everything we are doing at the facility to help people in need.

With Ravensview, Homewood has taken its 135 years of clinical experience with proven therapy programs and innovative treatment practices along with therapeutically designed physical spaces and integrated structures to create a unique treatment experience. Clients in recovery live at Ravensview as part of the healing community for periods of six to eight weeks. With all of our programs, family members and significant others are included as part of the treatment process to help bridge understanding and ensure recovery supports are in place during and after a stay.  We provide family education workshops as well, and communicate with the client’s family (if the client wishes) to support a complete and lasting recovery.

The treatment programs at Ravensview have been developed in a novel format. Each client is assigned into a specific group based on demographic and lifestyle factors. There are four core streams of programming within Ravensview.

  • The Cornerstone Program helps adults over the age of 26 with a wide range of mental health and addiction disorders. Treatment is customized for each person’s unique needs, and the specific problems they want to address. The program is built on proven care philosophies, and evidence-based psychotherapy models, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Recovery focusses on both physical and emotional health – a wholistic approach to each client.
  • The Guardians Program focusses specifically on the needs of first responders, people serving in the military, and veterans of these groups. It recognizes that the experiences these individuals have had in their roles, and the exposure to traumatic situations they have often faced, creates unique challenges that require specifically designed, evidence-based treatment to facilitate the recovery process.
  • The My Path Program for young adults (aged 19-26) sets a course to help each client understand how their issues are affecting their lives, how they are not alone in their experiences. The program uses evidence-based practices to help each client develop the skills and tools they need to continue to maintain psychological health, as they move through adulthood. Treatment for anxiety and mental health disorders is complemented with work that helps with issues of identity, life direction, and healthy social relationships.
  • The Vanguard Program is designed for professionally-accomplished people who are facing specific challenges. Executives, professionals and entrepreneurs from both the private and public sector have many social and personal expectations and pressures that are unique and specific (including professional stress, burnout, and juggling the responsibilities of professional decision-making), which affect their ability to function over time. The program helps them address their challenges and issues that may be affecting their performance.

A day at Ravensview

At Ravensview, each client is recognized as an individual person, who has specific life goals and goals for treatment.  Each client’s therapy program is customized for their specific treatment needs, with individual and group therapy sessions in the morning and afternoon. Care teams are always close at hand. Clients also participate in innovative programs including: expressive art therapy, music therapy, and horticultural therapy – which support their personal, social, emotional and physical well-being. The facilities are modern, spacious and relaxing. There are delicious meals to enjoy, and time for socializing with others, as part of the community. There are also many opportunities to explore and become immersed in the healing offered through the facility’s natural surroundings, through access to the extensive trails on Ravensview’s grounds, and the opportunity to participate in innovative recreational therapy offerings. Numerous studies have shown that the sensory experience of “taking in the forest…even a small amount time…can have an impact on our health” (Dr. Quin Li, 2018, TIME).

Why does a stay at Ravensview work so well?

Changes and recovery take dedicated time, focus and commitment. The intensive experience is a chance to step outside of the day-to-day obligations and live differently. Programs leverage proven techniques and provide clients the tools they will use throughout their recovery process. We also involve family members and significant others so they can understand how to best continue to support what’s been developed here after someone returns home.

How does someone come to Ravensview for treatment?

We are a new private treatment facility, we don’t currently have a waitlist. A doctor’s referral isn’t needed to attend a program. If you think that a stay with us could help, contact us to learn more.