Ravensview’s Vanguard Program for executives and professionals is distinguished by its specialized and targeted treatment of people who face similar professional and personal burdens and are dealing with challenges which may include depression, anxiety and addiction issues. We recognize that the difficulties and life challenges of executives and professionals are unique and specific. We offer a specialized program and expert staff who understand these issues and tailor treatment to support successful recovery.

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The Vanguard Program

The Vanguard Program at Ravensview is a world-class, expert-led treatment program for professionals and executives. The program was designed for the unique treatment needs of executives and professionals and the specific challenges for which they seek treatment. Clients are supported by a team of specialists, including psychiatrists, psychologists, 24-hour nursing staff, and a variety of other helping professionals. The Vanguard Program is built on the nationally recognized expertise of Homewood Health, which has over 135 years of experience treating mental health and addiction challenges. At Ravensview, we use evidence-based practices, and individualize treatment for each client in order to deliver the very highest level of care.

Research has shown that executives and professionals face a number of professional and personal burdens, including the social burden of bearing responsibility for employees and direct reports, the pressure of being in a high-impact decision-making position and the expectation of long, arduous work schedules. Many professionals are highly work-focused, and while they are highly skilled professionally, they often struggle to address their own personal needs or issues.

The program is delivered as an inpatient service—which means that clients come and stay at the facility for their treatment, usually about six to nine weeks.  This format allows for an immersive program, where clients can connect with our specialized healthcare team and with other clients in group therapy as well as receiving individual one to one therapy.  Therapy groups cover a wide range of themes relevant to executives and professionals, and include evidence-based psychotherapies like cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy.

Who is the Vanguard Program For?

Executives, professionals in the public and private sectors, and entrepreneurs, from all cultural and social backgrounds are supported within the Vanguard Program. Clients enter the program with a key goal: to resolve the problems that bring them to treatment, and return to their highest level of functioning in their personal and professional life.

People may come to treatment with varied challenges, and the Vanguard Program is designed to help those who may be dealing with one or several issues including:

  • Mood and emotional challenges
  • Substance abuse problems and addictive behaviours
  • Significant problems in social relationships
  • Acute stress and burnout
  • A host of other issues which may be affecting performance in an individual’s personal or professional life

Many treatment participants have had prior therapy at other facilities, while others are new to this treatment. One common motivation may attract professionals and executives to our program: they are eager to improve their lives and are seeking a treatment differentiated by excellence and expertise. We use evidence-based practices to help resolve cases of varying complexity.


The Vanguard Program is equipped to treat a variety of issues and build foundations for lasting recovery. Specifically, the program was developed to help executives and professionals with:

  • Substance use disorders and addictions, including: alcohol abuse/addiction, addiction to opiates or other pharmaceuticals, cocaine addiction, other drug addictions and abuse of multiple drugs
  • Depressionanxiety, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health challenges such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and narcissistic personality disorder
  • Work addictive behaviours including: excessive and compulsive work (i.e. ‘workaholism’), burnout, and the stresses associated with high professional achievement
  • Behavioural addictions including: gambling addiction, shopping addiction, internet addiction, pornography addiction, etc.

Additionally, the Vanguard Program at Ravensview is a leader in the field of concurrent disorders—when clients come to treatment with more than one difficulty or disorder. We recognize that professionals and executives lead complex, and sometimes challenging, lives, and that this can contribute to multi-faceted problems that may encompass mental health problems, addiction and problematic behaviours.

The Ravensview Approach

The Vanguard Program approach is inclusive, individualized, and evidence-based.  All clients are paired with two key individuals, who support and guide their treatment throughout their time at Homewood Ravensview:

  • A prime therapist—a specialized psychologist, social worker, or other mental health professional who helps the individual progress through psychotherapy, group therapy, and other aspects of mental health treatment
  • A most-responsible physician (MRP) – a medical doctor (an addiction medicine specialist or psychiatrist) who works closely with each individual and collaborates with the interdisciplinary team in providing optimal assessment and treatment of various conditions and offers medical expertise and medications, if necessary

All of our programs benefit from Ravensview’s unique treatment location on Vancouver Island, which offers a wide range of outdoor recreation opportunities, which we use for structured therapeutic activities. The facility itself is located a tranquil mountain, in a private and peaceful setting with access to natural trails, and John Dean Provincial Park.

Family Support

Another feature of the Vanguard Program is the strong relationship and communication we maintain with the client’s family—in cases when this is desirable and appropriate to the client. Research has shown that the support and understanding of family members and significant others increases the positive effects of mental health treatment. Homewood Ravensview includes family members as part of the treatment process and provides supportive programming to assist with their education and needs.

We also communicate with other stakeholders when this is required and in the best interests of the client’s recovery.

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Recovery Management

Recovery management is a core foundation of Homewood Ravensview and is provided for one full year after completing inpatient programming. Recovery management allows for continuity of care and support, to enable the individual to re-engage and reintegrate into their life and career. Services offered to Vanguard Program clients take advantage of Homewood Health’s national resources and provide ongoing support after their inpatient programming is complete. Recovery management programming is based on a comprehensive assessment, administered when the client finishes inpatient treatment. Recovery management service and support is provided for one full year at Homewood Clinic locations to ensure that the client maintains their progress. Additional recovery management services may be suitable to further enhance recovery and are available across Homewood’s network of clinics and also available through its national network of treatment providers.