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Your Online Therapy Options: 
  • Brief online group therapy (1-2hrs/week for 8 weeks) covered by most extended health plans
  • Online intensive outpatient program
  • Online step-down program to transition out of inpatient care
  • Flexible scheduling and professional virtual counselling

Choose Your Goal

8-week virtual group counselling sessions

BREATHE:Reduce Stress & Depression

Looking to get a handle on your stress and depression? Learn Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) skills to relieve unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Duration: 2hrs/week - 8 weeks. $100/week


Are you easily distracted or overwhelmed? Take control of your thoughts and increase your awareness with mindfulness techniques that work.

Duration: 1h/week - 8 weeks $50/week

REST:Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Struggling to get to or stay sleep? Feel rejuvenated in the morning with coping strategies that will help you sleep through the night despite mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

Duration: 1h/week - 8 weeks $50/week

PERSEVERE:Prevent Relapse

Avoid slips by learning how to recognize triggers and stay strong to manage substance or behavioral addictions.

Duration: 2h/week - 8 weeks $100/week

THRIVE:Cultivate Healthy Emotions

Find more balance in your life with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to improve your emotional regulation skills, build resilience with distress tolerance techniques and gain self-assurance.

Duration: 2h/week - 8 weeks $100/week

RELAX:Relieve Your Anxiety

Regain control of your happiness by managing physical and mental symptoms of anxiety.

Duration: 1h/week - 8 weeks $50/week

Do you have extended health coverage?

Our 1-2 hour/week, 8-week online group therapies listed above are led by therapists covered by most extended health benefits plans. We issue insurance receipts after each attended session so that you can file a claim with your extended health insurance plan.

Online Intensive Outpatient Program

Access online comprehensive mental health support from the comfort of your home. Our online intensive outpatient therapy program is meant for individuals who do not require inpatient treatment, medical detox or medical supervision. Based on your needs, access anywhere from 9 - 25 hours per week of group and individual therapy to help overcome moderate symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma or addiction.

8-week programs for mental health, addiction and concurrent issues.
8-week and 12-week programs for trauma and PTSD.

Schedule and price vary based on need. Contact us to find out more.

Online Step-Down Program

As you complete inpatient care, our online Step-Down Program will help you build on the gains you’ve made while in treatment as you navigate ongoing recovery. Benefit from group and individual evidence-based therapy to improve your mental health, practice how to implement healthy coping skills and build resilience from stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and/or trauma.

Duration: 20-day program. Schedule and price vary based on need.